Why Living Benefits Matter

Lowest Premiums Guaranteed

Lowest Premiums Gtd

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6 Long-Term Care Coverage Options

Piggy Bank Broken

Click Here for 6 ways to cover Home Healthcare and Long-Term Care Costs that won’t break the bank.

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Bank CD Alternative

Bank CD Alternative

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  1. Earn 1%-3% Higher Interest vs Bank CDs
  2. Tax-Deferred Growth
  3. 1-10 Year Term Periods
  4. Safety & Liquidity
  5. Up to 10% Free Annual Withdrawals
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Reduce Your Financial Risk in 30-Days

Death vs Living Benefits

Do you have the old or new type of Life Insurance?

In addition to a death benefit, the Accelerated Living Benefit riders can advance up to 90% of the face value (depending upon the severity) in case of Chronic, Critical or Terminal Illness.

Funds can be used for any purpose, such as Deductible, Home Healthcare, Living Expenses, Long-Term Care, Lost Income, Medical Bills, Mortgage Payments, Travel, etc.

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Reduce Rx Costs Up to 80%


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S&P 500 vs Indexed Universal Life

Are you tired of the Wall Street Rollercoaster?


The following chart shows the historical performance of the S&P 500 vs an Indexed Universal Life Policy with a 12% Annual Cap and Zero Downside Risk.


iul vs s-p performance1

In addition, some Indexed UL policies include Accelerated Living Benefits that can advance up to 90% of the death benefit in case of Critical, Chronic or Terminal Illness.

The advanced funds are tax-free and can be used for any purpose, such as Medical Deductible, Household Expenses, Monthly Bills, Mortgage Payments, Long-Term Care, Lost Income, Retirement Income, Travel, etc.

Medical Bankruptcy Epidemic

medical bankruptcy epidemic

PPO Network Healthcare Saves +/-50%

Hot New Plan


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Critical Illness Protection

We have a variety of low-cost policies that provide cash benefits in case of:

  1. Accidents
  2. Chronic Illness or Disability
  3. Critical Illness (Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, etc.)
  4. Terminal Illness
  5. Death

The Tax-Free funds can be used to cover deductibles, household expenses, lost income, medical bills, mortgage payments, travel or any other purpose.

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Critical Illness Protection

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