Reduce Your Financial Risk in 30 Days!


Life Insurance – You Don’t Have to Die to Use!

Everyone knows someone who suffered a Critical or Chronic Illness and lived. Did their Life policy provide a cash benefit? The answer is always NO! Well, that is why Living Benefit Life is different.

How much better would their lives have been if they received a check for $100K, $250K or more?

Our unique Living Benefit Term and Indexed Universal Life policies will accelerate up to 100% of the face value (depending upon severity of illness) in case of:

1. Critical Illness (Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Major Organ Transplant, etc.)

2. Chronic Illness (Inability to perform 2 of 6 Activities of Daily Living or Cognitive Impairment)

3. Terminal Illness (< 24 month Life Expectancy)

4. Death

One policy can provide income protection and the premiums are normally no higher than plans that only pay a Death benefit.

Funds can be used for any purpose, including: Medical Bills; Disability Income; Long Term Care; Mortgage Protection; Nursing/Home Healthcare; Household Expenses; Loan Payments; Childcare; College Funding; Travel; Final Expenses; Legacy Estate, etc.

Living Benefit Life Videos

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